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What is home to you?
  • Post published:November 11, 2020
  • Post category:society
Home the eternal bastion against the innumerable tides of stress encompassing all of our lives. The binding strand against chaos and disorder that which strings and stands before our hopes.
We are aimless spirits, listlessly wandering eternally amidst the dark. We betray our selves, build walls of lies and shields to stave us from the bitterness of truth, venture out seeking fortune, faith, meaning and soul and yet where else is anything worth finding if anywhere other than home?
Why do we betray the trust and faith of our forefathers? Perhaps we want too much and expect too much of our lives. The eternal restless spirit in search of something other than what we know.
When we are young we look out the window always searching and scanning the horizon for the new, the novel and the interesting. We grow into adults, and seek it out still, only to find new lands, new problems and new stresses.
Who and what is telling us that we must strive forth and seek the new? Is this the life we are to accept? Who is telling us this? To leave, to find, to earn and to achieve?
Our own egos perhaps or a societal expectation and understanding collectively proposed across generations. Symbols and serene sentience that strums and thrums our heartbeat across times.  Dictating ideas, behaviours and banality alike.
This is us and this is how we find our way back home: through experience to contrast our early life, to frame and give it context. This could be a positive spin on it. And no doubt there is a negative spin; that our lives are wasted by the dashing and thrashing about listlessly in cynosure contemplating in order to find our way.
Whatever it may be the cause for our eternal restlessness within or without the human condition, home is our centre even when we wish it were not so. Our foundational and formative years of where and how we grow up within leaves a psychological association for the rest of our lives.
We can not escape our need for a home, the symbol of it or the reality of it. Without it, we are lost, a rudder without a course, an island of isthmuses yearning for an end but only finding circles.
This problem, this idea of home and of our inability to fully distinguish and pin it down is perhaps a relatively new one in an age of globalism and ease of travel amidst mass immigration and multiculturalism, none of which i consider to be positive things. There is nothing worse than an eternal and indescribable sense of displacement. We need to find our home.

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