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Tech, Censorship, Conspiracy and the Future
  • Post published:October 29, 2020
  • Post category:society

The internet as we know it is hyper-controlled, basic cable 2.0. Remember when the internet started out as this anti-corporate/government open free speech platform where it seemed anything was possible, even for the little guy?

It was like the beginning of a promising unrestricted technology where the public had access to all it needed. Now fast forward to today it is a controlled monitored piece of mall of business enacting control and power over public interests, and they are in the process of strangling it to death.

Censorship is here, we just don’t accept it yet. The internet of the past is long gone. The days of open free platforms and an opportunity to transcend the corporate interests and government of man is gone. They got their muddy paws on our future and our latest hope with their greedy mitts.

The problem is our lives are too sheltered, there is too much going on, and we are too limited in our daily hours and attention. As studies have shown that too much information is bad for us, perhaps this is not a bad thing. It is no surprise that as mental health worsens the more connected we are with the happenings and the information of the world.

Conspiracies and more are no real surprise these days as people wake up to the facts of the day and the strange unfortunate things that leak into our mainstream political sphere of interest.

Our lives are brief and chaotic like sparks of the sun, and as we fall back to earth, we realise that our energy might not last as long as we would want, nor be as meaningful as we originally thought.

If tech is our future, then so is censorship. So is a life more tightly controlled and beyond the public and its interests, as a future of democracy slowly slips away and becomes an impossibility. As language shifts, so does our ability to communicate effectively and educate ourselves thoroughly on the matters and issues which effect us, but of which we may not even be able to comprehend.

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