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Politics and Power
Politics has infiltrated all aspects of our lives, from the moments of waking the digital pings, the messages the means and madness the communication.
In our ever more connected world, we become ever more polarised and uninformed by the mass and simple nature of the information.
This is without addressing the fact of political parties being little more than figureheads of illusory power. When you vote you vote for one side of the same coin. You can’t win. We are given the illusion that we have power over society whilst in the background the stock markets, the military-industrial complex and the same policies that define governments and untold power throughout runs on as normal.
So i ask, is it worth losing your sanity and happiness in pursuit of political ideals if nothing changes?
Peace and happiness are that which does not impose on our silly little lives. Where we can have a terrarium of life where the outside world does not impinge on our fragile consciousness. It would be nice, after all, to think that we could take all the chaos and toxicity of political life and consider it on individual life and not allow the misgivings, the unjustice of life to effect ourselves from each day. But the reality remains that we are simple and weak-minded humans, although it is not fashionable to say so, we are limited in our abilities. We do not need that we do not need to be happy.
If happiness is the goal, why is unhappiness our direction?
We create problems for ourselves. we politicise society. We can not, with our multiplication, our complications, our multiculturalism, our capital and globalism find balance in a democracy that clearly does not exist. So we bicker on hopelessly, as the middle and lower classes give up as the world and society changes irreplaceably and those who want power and money most of all get it. the shift of power the change of time, the flow of purpose the means of madness, what of it all, madness all.
The more i age, the more i wish to wash away in the tides of the sea and be forgotten, relinquish the feelings the information, the polarisation, the passions the happy and unhappy from the pings of my mind.

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