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It’s Dark Outside
  • Post published:October 21, 2020
  • Post category:society
It is dark outside,
i do not want to leave,
all the worlds leaves,
seem like small shadows,
cast from the heavens of God.
Come out they cry,
to the natural realms,
where earth and smell,
come together in a noxious,
corral of sentimental figures.

Life is easy now. Yet, humans by nature wish for a reason to exist and a foundation to give them that reason.
Question: if you have, since birth, been deprived of the essentials, forced into maladjustment, then how do you spring back out from that gloomy reality that hangs over you throughout life? This is why structure and tradition are so paramount to a successful and healthy society, to prevent the preventable.
Today, it seems to me we lack responsibility as individuals to be the best we can be for ourselves and those around us. We have no role models to point and push us in the right direction, and nobody appears to know the real reasons for the problems or for the lack of role models to aid us in the painful transitions into fully-fledged adulthood, as we lurch lost amidst the noise of modern-day.
Well, it seems obvious to me, we have become disconnected from nature, from our family units and from the traditional clear set and clearly defined roles a society evolved over centuries. A civilisation that is now greatly connected on a global level, able to easily communicate with people from vast distances, to a civilisation where one does not their neighbour nor feel a sense of kinship in doing so.
In short, we have become alienated from a large array of areas, so much so that it seems near impossible to find our way back to a world which makes sense.
Many things could be, as already mentioned, blamed for this, but it seems ineffectual to point blame, as we all know society changes slowly and takes time to swing back in and out of its fads and obsessions. What seems most profitable these days is to understand what we can do to realign ourselves with our own fundamental and individual realities, when disconnected from the mass of media, information, ideologically possessed institutions and politics that ruins and quells our naturally at peace minds.
So find your own way. Stray from the herd. Listen to your own voice. Don’t be afraid to not be heard, nor take responsibility for being happy despite the madness of crowds.

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