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Happy International Men’s Day!
Being a man (like being a woman) has its benefits and challenges. It’s important to know what the challenges are, but ultimately our life outcomes are largely determined by our own choices.
Thank you to the great men that have ever been are still are today. My idols include artists, writers, leaders and inspirations that have enacted such greatness and beauty in the world, that without i would see little to no reason for living.
Congratulations to all men living today, you have survived and been born into an exciting and wonderful time. Despite the drudgery and lot of life and its seemingly broken dreams, it is a fortunate time to be alive. Entertainment has never been of such a high quality near easily accessible or affordable, healthcare is advanced and despite its costs depending on where you live it is effective and widely available.
Education and information are so superior today than of previous days that if you took somewhere from the past and placed them in today’s world they would think probably consider our mass information networks like the internet phones and all to be magic. There are many reasons to be cheerful and thankful these days. Yet, it seems to me that the sacrifices of our forefathers which have directly resulted in our enjoyments of today that we take for granted are largely forgotten. Which is a tragedy if i ever could think of one.
In times of great change of social shifts and normal propagated by education, institutions and even the government it seems clear that society or the people in charge of certain institutions at least desire men and views on masculinity to change. I am not going to say i necessarily agree with that, as i still think society needs strong men and those who instead of sharing their problems emotionally and openly find ways to cope and manifest their strengths and deal with their weaknesses in more of a traditional mindset, but it is worth talking about the mental health and suicide crisis in the world by men.
Thankfully suicide and men and their difficulties in adapting to a rapidly changed and society with radically different values and traditions are more openly discussed. But i don’t think it can ever really be dealt with to the core and fundamentals of the issue.
Men, their ways and what they thrive on and live for is the real core of the issue and always have been. The nature of men and what they instinctively value is being suppressed and even openly told to not even exist because it is more suited to women and their own nature of comfort and a society which is more controlled and static and safe. As men and their protection traditionally shifted to the state and their responsibility and many other factors changed so did men and their responsibilities and purpose in society.
So it goes in direct antithesis to the benefits that our forefathers have given us to where we are now. There are still winners and losers. A life of comfort perhaps is not really what we need to thrive and be happy. Of entertainment, porn, food delivery, ease of uses and technology that has revamped the fabric of our lives; perhaps this is not what a man wants, and thus they check out of life.
Nobody talks about this, and don’t expect them ever to, because it is not in the best interests of a civilisation that thrives on products, bigger better faster, and of selling and giving more more more, we are all taking part in a wild game on a bandwagon or train that knows no way to stop nor slow down, even at the threat of its own destruction. So goes the historical tides of time and civilisation. It happens in all civilisations, the highs the lows. The suffering and problems of men these days are indicative of the core problems our current civilisation faces, and the fact nobody is openly or practically dealing with it means i don’t think we have long, frankly. And thank god, because i for one grow tired of the endless TV shows, porn on demand, sitting at home in times of Covid and being told constantly what i need to do and how i should do it and how best to follow the rules and why and how and what and when.
Bring back times of brotherhood, hardship, identity purpose and a shared path forward of a physical reality where our hands shape our future and lives as opposed to one of the technocratic comforts and entertained pleasures. The hedonism pushed by global elites is not the life we need to be happy. We are slowly waking up to that fact.

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