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Say F*ck Yes to Your Goals
  • Post published:October 9, 2020
  • Post category:Lifestyle
This blog post is inspired by Derek Sivers If it is not a fuck yes then it is a fuck no. His philosophy in his book and blog post is that if you are not fully excited and committed to something, then say no to it.
In a world of distractions and mass information, it is easy to be sidetracked away from the things we want and believe in the most. Therefore, this motto and creed is a perfect one for the modern misinformation and misdirecting times of today.
To focus on your core goals, to focus on what matters to you most and what most makes you come alive.
Keep chasing your dream goals. Those ones that push you to come alive, and be your best self.
That’s it, folks, carry on!

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