A dewdrop; that is the world – it is it is it is all there is. — Kobayashi Issa

‘In search of the soul’ in contemporary society.

My life philosophy

This blog is for you, the movers and shakers of the world. The stray and lost sheep, seeking whatever means they can for guidance in a strange world. Here you will find writings that explore purpose and practicality in an uncertain world, designating a path forward despite the many challenges of life.

More than anything, I want to make lots of stuff. I want to make articles, books, websites, poetry, companies, apps, and especially new ideas.

I also want to learn lots of stuff, especially different approaches to thinking and living. That’s why I read so much non-fiction and want to keep moving around the world.

I connect with those who stretch, strive, and grow.

I can’t relate to those who chill, hang out, watch TV, party, etc.


More about me:

I write about poetry, art, sources of inspiration and share my expertise, learnings and experiences surrounding the written world and anything in between. I write about Philosophy, Psychology, Mythology and more, intending to establish a platform for meaningful change.

The varied interests that I cultivate, are like bastions to me in the dark moments of my life. These loves are heightened by my desire to share them with a wider audience. Poetry, self-development, art theory, cinema and more.

Early on in life, I recognised that the valuable things in life can only be earned through practicality and sacrifice. By achieving a goal, one needs to push through the pain and hardships, and designating a meaningful path forward, with all outcomes and realities of life considered.

However, I too have my limitations, and I am open to critique and alternating opinions and relish debate. 


What is this Website for?

Ultimately, this journey, called life, is all about becoming better people. Which is possible, even in a society, that tries to deter us from our dreams.

Thankfully, despite the difficulties in life, words can transcend the barriers between us, and between the worlds and walls, we build between us.

This place is for you if you too believe there is unrivalled power in articulating one’s thoughts. There is wonder and awe in the written word. In poetry, in koans and haiku. In the beauty and rich heritage and culture that surround us all constantly.

When the video/visual artist Bill Viola was just 6 years of age, he fell into a deep lake and almost drowned. ”There’s more than just the surface of life.” he said. ”The real things are under the surface.” His sense of sinking and of helplessness submerged into the murky depths still inspires him today. This is something that inspires me too.

Truth is by nature elusive, lingering below the surface, and I am devoted to finding it and the images under the revealed image, the one most faithful to reality, down to the true image of that absolute, mysterious reality that is so hard to find. 

Overall, I feel I have a natural affinity and interest, in that which is intangible and hard to grasp.

Please join me on my journey.

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