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60 Days on the Carnivore Diet
  • Post published:October 28, 2020
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I took the carnivore diet challenge on for a month and a half, and these are my experiences.

First of all, i would not really recommend it to anyone. I learned a lot and no doubt i would continue doing the diet long term if it were not for the debilitating downsides.

The first week of eating nothing but ground beef, steak, eggs and butter were great. My energy and concentration seemed sky-high. Like nothing could stop me. Soon after, from what i can only imagine my body adjusting from the diet, things seemed to go downhill.

Major sugar cravings, heart palpitations and stomach issues, especially as a result of constipation.

The lasting benefits i found to be excellent oral health, with my teeth and gums constantly feeling super clean and healthy. My skin psoriasis seemed to flare up less often also. What’s more, the food is quick, convenient and simple to prepare and i always ate when i felt hungry and no more than i needed to, this results in saving more money. It also seemed to stabilise my mood, making me feel more consistently happier. This is as a result of the lower blood sugar spikes typical of this diet. Sugars on normal diets often create elevated sugar levels, like a yo-yo, going up and down.

However, the downsides seem to be too noticeable and impacting to put up with. I tried taking salts to help with the heart palpitations and drinking electrolytes, and after about a week, they went away. Still, after a weekend of binging on sugary things and transitioning back to the carnivore diet, the palpitations returned, preventing any sleep for two nights. That was the last call, and i stopped the diet.

The lessons learned from the diet are surely worthwhile, and i would recommend people do some research into the pros and potential cons. But as a long term diet this is not feasible for the aforementioned reasons and most of all, the fact that you have to eat the same thing for the rest of your life is not realistic. It is a shame about the downsides.

The diet and other similar diets are flouted as a new trend offering hope for unhealthy people. Still, the reality is that it was probably always obvious that these people never had particularly good diets anyway. If anything skip the diet trends and simply eat high-quality, healthy foods, a balanced diet sourced from good sources, avoid alcohol, processed foods and high sugar, and if possible caffeine.

All of these will improve your sleep lower your blood sugar and ensure you are eating good foods from good sources, ensuring you’re getting the minerals you need from a variety of foods. For me, the diet did not radically improve my health issues, although this could be because i do not have any particularly bad health issues. If you have diabetes or some other health issues, i would recommend it, however. But for general self, improvement such a radical diet change might have limited benefits for you.

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